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"being a good writer is 3 percent talent and 97 percent not being distracted by the internet." -anonymous


I started writing short stories when I was seven or eight years old. At eleven, I decided I wanted to be a naturalist like writer/artist Ernest Thompson Seton and, in later years, George Schaller. I abandoned work on a doctorate in zoology, however, to get a second master’s in journalism to fulfill my life-long desire to write novels and to popularize wildlife science.

Wildlife and its protection have been at the center of virtually all of my writing, including ten books and myriad magazine articles. I have worked as a writer, editor, communications director, and major-donor proposal writer for various wildlife conservation groups.

R.L. DiSilvestro Portrait with books

Return of the Bison

 A Story of Survival, Restoration, and a Wilder World

Return of the Bison book cover

Publication Date: Autumn 2023

Return of the Bison tells how the animal was saved from total extinction, beginning in the 1880s, and how bison survival offers hope for many vanishing species across the globe. . . if we can provide them with the room they need to roam.

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"We can never have enough of nature." -Henry David Thoreau, Walden